1996 AFL Centenary: The cards

1996, the 100th season of the VFL/AFL, saw many notable celebrations. One of these was the release by Australia Post of the Centenary of the AFL Stamps Series on the 23rd April 1996, the largest stamp issue in Australia’s history. Another was the setting up and the induction of players into the Hall of Fame.

Maximum Cards

In philately a maximum card (also known as a maxi-card, or maxicard) is a postcard with a postage stamp placed on the picture side of the card where the stamp and card match or are in maximum concordance (similarity). The cancellation or postmark is usually related to the image on the front of the card and the stamp.

Australia Post has issued maxicards for most issues since the initial cards in 1978.

The Richmond Maximum card exists with no printing on the back.


The postcards are of similar design to the maxicards except that the background of the maxicards is less prominent. This is so the postmark can be more easily seen.


1996 Centenary Postmarks on postcards – AFL Teams

North Carlton PO, North Melbourne PO and Moorabbin PO postmarked the covers presumably on the day they were processed. All the other covers were postmarked on the day of issue 23 April 1996. They were all forwarded to the relevant Post Office on the 23 April 1996 from Brisbane GPO.

Changes to Postmarks – AFL Teams

Associated Postmarks – AFL Teams


Brad Boyd was the player shown on the Postcard. He was the Captain of the Fitzroy Lions for their last two seasons before their merger with the Brisbane Bears at the end of 1996. He played 85 games in all, 15 with Brisbane and 70 with Fitzroy.