The Showdown: Adelaide v Port Adelaide

The expansion of the AFL with second sides from South Australia, NSW, Queensland and Western Australia, meant that intrastate games could be played. These have tendered to be fiercely contested with bragging rights to the next game being uppermost in the fan’s minds. They have also been often won by the team in a poorer position on the ladder. One of the most successful derbies has been the “Showdown” between Adelaide and Port Adelaide.

Port Adelaide entered the AFL in 1997 after a position became available with the merger of Fitzroy and Brisbane. The first game between the Crows and Port Power was always destined to be a battle as Adelaide had trumped Port in 1991 for the first SA licence to the AFL.

In the inaugural Showdown, Port Adelaide beat the Adelaide Crows by 11 points. Having won their first match in the AFL against Geelong the week before, a pumped up Port jumped the Crows in the first half and managed to hold on in the final quarter as the Crows mounted a comeback.

The results are shown in the table below. To the end of 2019 the record stands at 24 wins to the Adelaide Crows and 23 wins to Port Adelaide over 47 games. Until 29 March 2014 the Games were played at AAMI Stadium (Football Park). Since the games have all been played at the upgraded Adelaide Oval.

NoYearHome TeamScoreAway TeamScoreWinner
11997Adelaide11.6 (72)Port Adelaide11.17 (83)Port Adelaide
21997Port Adelaide9.4 (58)Adelaide9.11 (65)Adelaide
31998Port Adelaide11.7 (73)Adelaide8.16 (64)Port Adelaide
41998Adelaide22.12 (144)Port Adelaide10.10 (70)Adelaide
51999Adelaide18.7 (115)Port Adelaide12.15 (87)Adelaide
61999Port Adelaide13.14 (92)Adelaide9.14 (68)Port Adelaide
72000Port Adelaide13.13 (91)Adelaide14.14 (98)Adelaide
82000Adelaide14.8 (92)Port Adelaide20.19 (139)Port Adelaide
92001Adelaide13.10 (88)Port Adelaide23.15 (153)Port Adelaide
102001Port Adelaide16.11 (107)Adelaide15.9 (99)Port Adelaide
112002Adelaide12.10 (82)Port Adelaide14.6 (90)Port Adelaide
122002Port Adelaide12.12 (84)Adelaide11.10 (76)Port Adelaide
132003Adelaide9.12 (66)Port Adelaide12.6 (78)Port Adelaide
142003Port Adelaide14.10 (94)Adelaide12.6 (78)Port Adelaide
152004Port Adelaide13.9 (87)Adelaide17.17 (119)Adelaide
162004Adelaide9.6 (60)Port Adelaide12.13 (85)Port Adelaide
172005Adelaide18.16 (124)Port Adelaide8.8 (56)Adelaide
182005Port Adelaide12.9 (81)Adelaide13.10 (88)Adelaide
192005Adelaide18.15 (123)Port Adelaide5.10 (40)Adelaide
202006Adelaide15.13 (103)Port Adelaide8.5 (53)Adelaide
212006Port Adelaide14.11 (95)Adelaide11.15 (81)Port Adelaide
222007Port Adelaide8.15 (63)Adelaide13.9 (87)Adelaide
232007Adelaide9.19 (73)Port Adelaide10.5 (65)Adelaide
242008Adelaide12.13 (85)Port Adelaide11.13 (79)Adelaide
252008Port Adelaide13.14 (92)Adelaide11.14 (80)Port Adelaide
262009Port Adelaide15.15 (105)Adelaide12.7 (79)Port Adelaide
272009Adelaide19.18 (132)Port Adelaide9.8 (62)Adelaide
282010Adelaide10.14 (74)Port Adelaide14.13 (97)Port Adelaide
292010Port Adelaide13.10 (88)Adelaide9.15 (69)Port Adelaide
302011Port Adelaide14.14 (98)Adelaide9.12 (66)Port Adelaide
312011Adelaide16.15 (111)Port Adelaide11.13 (79)Adelaide
322012Adelaide16.14 (110)Port Adelaide14.7 (91)Adelaide
332012Port Adelaide8.10 (58)Adelaide17.14 (116)Adelaide
342013Port Adelaide17.16 (118)Adelaide16.13 (109)Port Adelaide
352013Adelaide15.13 (103)Port Adelaide17.5 (107)Port Adelaide
362014Port Adelaide19.14 (128)Adelaide11.7 (73)Port Adelaide
372014Adelaide14.15 (99)Port Adelaide10.16 (76)Adelaide
382015Adelaide13.13 (91)Port Adelaide18.7 (115)Port Adelaide
392015Port Adelaide17.11 (113)Adelaide18.8 (116)Adelaide
402016Adelaide22.12 (144)Port Adelaide11.20 (86)Adelaide
412016Port Adelaide14.10 (94)Adelaide15.19 (109)Adelaide
422017Port Adelaide12.11 (83)Adelaide15.10 (100)Adelaide
432017Adelaide18.22 (130)Port Adelaide7.4 (46)Adelaide
442018Port Adelaide14.11 (95)Adelaide14.6 (90)Port Adelaide
452018Adelaide13.18 (96)Port Adelaide14.9 (93)Adelaide
462019Port Adelaide9.14 (68)Adelaide13.10 (88)Adelaide
472019Adelaide5.14 (44)Port Adelaide15.11 (101)Port Adelaide
482020Port Adelaide17.8.(110) Adelaide5.5.(35)Port Adelaide

First Class Collectables produced covers for Showdowns 1 to 12 using C6 Envelopes.

First Class Collectables produced covers for Showdowns 13 to 18 using 190 x 110 Sized Envelopes. This is the size of most Australia Post First Day Covers.

First Class Collectables produced covers for Showdown 20 and 21 using a C6 Envelope. (The Local Post Stamp and Postmark do not make Showdown 20 a genuine Commemorative Cover.)

StampsOz, another South Australian Cover Producer, produced a cover for Showdown 14 using a DL envelope.