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I started collecting philatelic items associated with Australian Football, “Aussie Rules”, in 1996 following Australia Post’s issue to commemorate the 100th year anniversary of the Australian Football League (AFL). Up to that period it was the biggest and most ambitious issue from Australia Post.

Australian Football, “a game to keep Cricketers fit in winter” was first codified in 1859. It is now the biggest of the football codes played in Australia being more popular than Rugby League, Union and soccer. It is Australia’s only indigenous game. Its origin is disputed but is related to rugby union, Gaelic football and romantically to Marngrook. an Aboriginal Game.

The first stamp was issued in 1974 as part of the Non Olympic Issue. The second was issued by Antigua and overprinted for Barbuda (Caribbean Islands) in 1984 as part of an International stamp show, Ausipex, in Melbourne.

In order to qualify for the collection the stamp, postmark or cover must have an Australian Football Theme. Usually, but not always, this is obvious.

I also find the collecting of stadiums of interest. To qualify the stamp, postmark or cover must have the stadium or show a sport within the stadium. Usually this is related to cricket.

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Posts are filed by date order. This is usually when the item is issued but may relate to the date of the event.

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Edited Posts

1982 Brisbane Commonwealth Games - ANPEX 82 added
2006 Prestige Auction
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2020 Footy Stamps (WCS Covers added)
2020 Word of Sport (WCS Covers added)
1983 Centenary of St Johns Ambulance New Postmark (No date stamp)
Cancellations (2020 Premiers Grand Final Cancellation)
1956 Melbourne Olympics: The Postmarks (VPA Reverse Date, Seven Seas & Hermes Swim Stadium cover and Nordisk Filateli added)
1996 AFL Centenary: The Booklets (Footscray missed printing added)