2020 Sports Stadiums – Combined Series One and Two

On 4 June 2019 and 24 March 2020 Australia Post issued two sets of four stamps celebrating Australian Sports Stadiums. This medallion Cover and two issues in the future Impressions 2020 series combined the two into a single series.

This medallion cover postmarked on the 27 October 2020 at Adelaide is shown in the banner. It was limited to 1000 covers and only one per customer. It shows a cricketer on the front with an explanation of the stamps on the back. The insert shows a soccer goalie about to prevent a score. The back of the insert gives details of the medallion.

Impressions 2020

Impressions 2020 is the yearly pre Christmas auction and sale of limited philatelic objects by Australia Post. The sale commenced on the 2 November 2020.

Sports Stadium Medallion Cover

It included a limited edition Sports Stadium Medallion cover. It was numbered and limited to 150 covers. It contained all eight Sports Stadium Series One and Two gummed stamps postmarked with a Gold Foil Postmark.

Minisheet Collection

The minisheet series was limited to 200 copies. The four stamp series one sheet was set on a background of the MCG. The four stamp series two sheet was set on a background of Melbourne Olympic Park with the tennis centre.

Each stadium also had an individual 4 stamp minisheet. The AFL/cricket grounds are shown above.

Commemorative Landscape issues 2020

The commemorative landscape issues of 2020 included stamps from the Word of Sports issues and the Sports Stadium Two Issue. They include Richie Benaud, Reg Gasnier and Les Murray. The Sports Stadium issue includes the Adelaide Oval, Anna Meares Velodrome, Rod Laver Arena and Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre.