2020 “Word of Sport”

On the 4 February 2020, 4 stamps were issued, as announced in Stamp Bulletin 363, to commemorate the popular sports TV Shows and the commentators.

The series relates to the “World of Sport” team, a program that was broadcast live by HSV-7 in Melbourne from 1959 to 1987 on Sundays between 11am and 2pm. By the end of its run, the show was claimed as the world’s longest running sports program.

AFL footballers Lou Richards, Jack Dyer and Bod Davis

The $2.20 stamp shows Lou Richards, a Collingwood Champion, Jack “Captain Blood” Dyer of Richmond and Bob Davis from Geelong.

The Maximum card and image from the Stamp Booklet shows them in their famous poise of the “Three Wise Monkeys – See no evil, speak no evil and hear no evil”

The Booklet contained images of the commentators, a summary of their achievements and a stamp sheetlet for each with two stamps and the commentator in the surrounds.

2004 Premiership Players Club

Cricketer Richie Benaud

One of the $1.10 stamps showed the “Wide World of Sports”, Channels Nines program and the leader of the Cricket Commentary Team, Richie Benaud.

The Booklet contained images of the commentator, a summary of his achievements and a stamp sheetlet with four stamps and the commentator in the surrounds.

Rest of Issue

The other two commentators were Rugby league footballer, Reg Gasnier and Les Murray, a well-known football (soccer) communicator. They were portrayed on the other two $1.10 stamps.

The issue included the 4 stamps, FDC, stamp pack, four maximum cards and a Prestige Booklet.

The 2020 Word of Sport Series was issued in the 2020 Collection of Australian Stamps.