2019 Aussie Alphabet Part 5

On the 22 October 2019 Australia Post issued the last of the Alphabet Series D, F, I, H, M and P. The national postmark was Fremantle WA 6160.

Part One, released on 1 March 2016 featured the letters N, Q, S, V and W (to represent five of the six Australian states). Part two was released on the 16 August 2016 and the letters were: A, C, L, R, T. (That means it’s Tassie’s turn!) Part three was released on the 17 October 2017 with the letters B, G, J, K, U and part four on the 18 September 2018 with the letters E, O, X, Y and Z.

F is for Freo …

The stamp for the letter F shows Freddy with a football under his arm and his Dad with “Freo” on his jumper. The bulletin tells us that F stands for “Freddy’s father, a fanatical Freo fan, who fantasises fully about fishing. He frequently tells Freddy some furphies about fish, and Freddy unfailingly falls hook, line and sinker”. The letter P shows a platypus eating a pavlova on a purple plate inside a purple fence and the I for ironman finishing the race in a purple Freo Jumper. All part of the “Purple Haze”.

Maximum Card

Gummed stamps

The gummed stamp was issued in two sheets of 25 (50 stamps) with traffic lights in the centre but no special design.

The 2019 Impressions online sale by Australia Post included a minature sheet with Fish and Chips and four of the gummed F stamps.

Booklet Stamps

The booklet collection also includes a set of 12 stickers for each booklet. A “new-look” collection.

Freddy and his Dad also featured on the back of the Booklet Collection and the cover of the “F” cheque Book.

The postmark for the Booklet covers on plain covers postmarked at the Philatelic Bureau are on their side. The postmarks on the pictorial covers are the correct orientation. This may be just a coincidence.

The Complete Issue

Gummed Stamps

The Gummed stamps consisted of the 6 stamps as shown above and a miniature sheet. These were included in stamp pack.

Australia Post also issue a FDC for the stamps and the miniature Sheet.

Individual gummed stamps FDCs were also produced by PGD.

Booklet Stamps

The Booklet Collection Consisted of the 6 issues with an individual booklet of 10 stamps, a set of 12 stickers for each letter and a two page spread showing the whole alphabet issue. Cheque Books of 20 Booklets were also available.

The issues included in the Booklet Collection.

Australia Post does not usually produce FDCs of Booklet Stamps so this was self produced by Footystamps.

Maximum Cards

Impressions 2019

Impressions 2019 included a set of six Miniature Sheets.

Impressions 2019 also released a full sheet of the Alphabet Stamps and the Australia commemorative Portrait Stamp Collection of the year.