Proposed AFL and Simpson Sticker Stamps

AFL Footy Sticker Stamps

In early December Australia Post emailed their “regular philatelic customers” for feedback on the creation of a new range of products as their program of stamp issues and collectables is based on the ongoing needs and interests of collectors.

The survey showed a “AFL footy sticker stamp” Poster and another for “The Simpsons”. The survey asked if you were excited by and likely to buy the new range.

“The new range of themed stamps would be run outside of the core stamp program, and a range of themes will be available throughout the calendar year such as sports, movies, childhood classics, animals and more.”

“These themed stamps will also be different from the core range in that they would only be available in self-adhesive and come in non-traditional as well as traditional shapes and sizes.”

The comments from Bastion Latitude, the firm running the survey for Australia Post, make the issue sound like a foregone conclusion.

Other countries such as France, the Netherlands, Austria and the UK already issue similar products.

The advantages may be that they promote stamp collecting in children and at least with the AFL it is promoting Australian Culture. The negatives may be the cost as they may well be sold with a significant mark up. Collectors may feel compelled to pay a premium price to maintain the completeness of  their collection.