2018 Impressions

Impressions is a limited Edition and Collectables Online sale that Australia Post has been running since 2005.

From the catalogue there are “eleven products available in the 2018 Registration of Interest offer. The offer goes live from 8:30am 5 November 2018 and is open for one week. This process continues to be the fairest way we can provide collectors with an opportunity to obtain one of these very limited products”

There are also available less limited edition product usually in numbers of 200 that are available until stocks are exhausted.

There were no products in the registration of interest offer.

The “Fair Dinkum Aussie Alphabet” minisheet collection consisted of nine minisheets, limited to 200 folders with each minisheet numbered individually. Two were of interest. One of the sheets contained the Part two set of stamps with “A” for “Aaron the Aussie Rules Aficionado, anxiously anticipating a win for Adelaide.” The minisheet showed a crocodile. The stamps were originally issued on 16 August 2016.

The other sheet contained the Part three set of stamps with “U” for “Ulysses butterfly is utterly unsure why an unruly umpire is guarding his uggs!” The minisheet showed a set of Ugg boots. The stamps were originally issued on 17 October 2017.

The 25th Anniversary of Stamp Collecting Month was marked by a reissue of 25 stamps one for each year. Each stamp was exactly the same as the original right down to the year microprint, 2009 in this case, as a security issue. The Let’s Get Active series, including Aussie Rules, was issued on 6 October 2009. The stamp is circled in the Featured Image.

The 1868 Aboriginal Tour to England was part of a limited edition of 200 numbered “Australian Stamps 2018”, Commemorative Landscape. The original issue was on 1 May 2018.