2015 Tom Wills Madagascar illegal issue

In 2015 a cricket minisheet including a painting of Australian Football founder Tom Wills surfaced. The Universal Postal Union (UPU), a specialised agency of the United Nations responsible for the postal service, proclaimed that it was an illegal issue after Paositra Malagasy confirmed they had not been the issuing authority.

The Handcock portrait is the best-known painting of Wills and is currently on display in the National Sports Museum. Wills posed for the portrait before the end of 1870. The artist, William Handcock, was born in Ireland and lived for a period in New Zealand before relocating to Melbourne.

The portrait is full-length, measuring 42 cm by 32 cm and done in oils, an unusual medium for Handcock. Set at sunset against a backdrop of firs in the outfield of a cricket oval, Wills is shown in his white flannels and the colours of the MCC on his belt and cap.

The other painting is by Francis Cotes RA. He was an English painter, one of the pioneers of English pastel painting, and a founding member of the Royal Academy in 1768. The subject is Charles Collyer as a Boy, with a Cricket Bat.