2015 ICC Cricket World Cup

Cricket and Australian Football have a very intimate relationship in that they both require large Ovals. Usually the relationship is beneficial especially as their paths don’t cross because of the summer winter divide. The World Cup Final being played in Melbourne did force a late start to the football but as Australia won there was little disappointment.

Australia Post produced a presentation pack consisting of two minisheets of eight stamps with the venues in the selvedge. One showing the Australian venues and one the New Zealand Venues. The stamps were the two Southern Lights stamps with time lapse photographs taken from Tasmania, a different one for each country. There was no official FDC so one was produced by WCS.

The pack also contained two minisheets of eight blue Map of Australia stamps with the team emblems and another sheet of ten stamps with the emblems of the previous winners in the selvedge.

The seven grounds in Australia and the Wellington Regional Stadium are or have been used for Australia Football Matches.

All the grounds are current grounds for AFL except for the WACA which was used for footy from 1987 to 2000. Wellington Regional Stadium had preseason games in 2000 and 2001. It has a contract with St Kilda to play games on ANZAC day from 2013 to 2015.

Australia Post issued a PNC prior to the competition and a cover, containing a slice of match used stump to celebrate Australia’s win.

New Zealand produced a set of Peel stamps in a minisheet showing the fourteen teams represented as a ball with the country colours and their flag. India subcontracted to NZ Post to have the minisheet slightly altered to have their Logo in the centre. These were then sold through Philatelic Bureaus in India.

NZ Post produced two FDCs each with seven of the cricket ball shaped stamps.