2013 Australia World Stamp Expo

Australia 2013 was held at the Exhibition Building in Melbourne from the 10-15 May 2013. It was the largest Philatelic exhibition in the Southern Hemisphere in the last 30 years.

This expo was to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the “Map and Kangaroos”, Australia’s initial stamp series, but it was impossible not to get involved in Australia Post releasing a Black Caviar tribute stamp pack to celebrate the racing career of an Australian sporting legend.

There was no specific AFL or associated items being released, however by coincidence there were three MCG item available at the show.

Royal Mail Smiler:

The Royal Mail released a “Smiler sheet” of Melbourne landmarks and naturally this included the MCG. Smilers is the name given to Britain’s personalised stamps. Personalised stamp sheets (or P-Stamps) were first issued by Australia Post in the summer of 1999.

The “Hello” stamp seems to be popular for use at Stamp Shows. It was used at Pacific Explorer 2005, a international stamp show in Sydney, at London 2010 and in Thailand, Finland and Monaco.

Swedish Maximum Card:

The stamp shows Eric Lemming winning the gold medal in the Javelin in the 1912 Stockholm Olympic stadium. It represents the 100th anniversary of the win, having been issued in 2012. He also won two Gold medals at the London Olympics in 1908. The postmark is a representation of the Stockholm Olympic stadium and the card shows the 1956 Melbourne Olympic Stadium. (They are enjoying the cricket and there is no Northern Stand which was completed in March 2006 to be ready for the Commonwealth games.)

50c Baggy Green stamp and PNC:

In 2005 as part of the Sports Treasures issue, Australia Post released a 50c stamp showing Bradman’s Baggy Green. In 2010 the stamp was again used on a PNC for the Ashes series against England. Unfortunately England won the five-Test series 3–1. In 2013 it was re-released at Australia 2013. The cover, postmark and stamp, with their original date, was overprinted in red foil with “Australia 2013 Centenary of Kangaroo Stamps 10-15 May 2013” It was a limited release of only 250.

MCG Postcard:

In 2006 there were postcards of the MCG, one with a facsimile of the 2006 Commonwealth games stamp and another with Bradman’s Cap stamp. At the show the postcard of the MCG with no facsimile of the stamp was available.

2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games Postcard compliments of Noel Almeida