2011 Croatian Knights

0n the 10th June 2011 a commemorative postmark for the “Croatian Knights” was issued to celebrate the teams success in AFL Europe Championships.

Australian rules football in Croatia began with the first official team, known as the Zagreb Giants, in January 2006, although there had been efforts for many years before this to found a team in Zagreb.

In 2006, the team began a tri-nations series against the Czech Republic and Austria, winning the first event.

Croatia is one of the stronger International teams, having come 1st (2010), 2nd (2008 and 2011) and 3rd (2009) in the four previous EU Cups. Croatia ended on 5th place on first European championship in Malmo and Copenhagen in 2010. The 2009 EU Cup was hosted by the Croatian Knights, in the town of Samobor, 25 km from Zagreb.

2017 saw the Croatian Knights finally making it to Melbourne for the 2017 Australian Football International Cup and to quote afl.com.au “Croatia cruises to D2 (Division 2) men’s crown.” They easily defeated Germany by 66 points in atrocious weather conditions.