2011 Footy Stamps

2011 saw the issuing of the annual Footy Stamps which commenced in the year 2000. The selvedge of the ten 60c P stamps did not include the photos of the best twenty players, all showed the team emblem. The cover showed a team emblem, club fixtures and players list were on the back. The cost was $6.95.

It was the Gold Coast Suns first year in the competition.

The Suns first Match was Round 2 on 2 April 2011 against Carlton at the Gabba in front of a crowd of 27,914. The first five goals were scored by Carlton, before Charlie Dixon scored the first-ever goal for the Gold Coast Suns. Carlton went on to win by 119 points.

Inaugural AFL team

B: Seb Tape Nathan Bock Campbell Brown
HB: Jarrod Harbrow Karmichael Hunt Nathan Krakouer
C: Trent McKenzie Daniel Harris Michael Rischitelli
HF: Danny Stanley Charlie Dixon Alik Magin
F: Jared Brennan Zac Smith Brandon Matera
Foll: Josh Fraser David Swallow Gary Ablett (c)
Int: Marc Lock Harley Bennell Dion Prestia
Josh Toy
Coach: Guy McKenna

A set of cinderella stamps was also issued,