2010 Premiers: The Magpies

In arguably the best finish to a grand final in the modern era, a behind to St Kilda’s Lenny Hayes at the 29-minute mark levelled the scores and meant the 2010 premiership will be decided with a grand final rematch next week. It was the third time in AFL history that a rematch will be required. In 1948 and 1977, the first grand final was drawn. Both teams ended up on 68 points. Collingwood had led all day but didn’t take advantage of its ascendency.

Lenny Hayes won the Norm Smith Medal.

The second rematch was a more one sided affair. The magpies jumped the Saints early and led all day easily winning by 56 points. Scott Pendlebury won the Norm Smith Medal.

CoversPlease produced a cover for the Magpies success and the Norm Smith medalist.

The Souvenir sheet displayed both set of scores for each game where as the medallion cover displayed only the winning scores.