2009 Classic Toys – Test Match Cricket Board Game

Test Match is a cricket-themed board game first published in 1955 by John Waddington Limited in the United Kingdom and John Sands Pty. Ltd. in Australia.

It was a very popular game depending on chance to simulate a test match.

A three-dimensional version was released by Crown and Andrews in the 1977. This involved rolling a ball-bearing down a plastic gully attached to a plastic bowler.

 It was included in the “Classic Toys” series issued on 25th September 2009. Other toys included Cabbage Patch kids, Barbie, cyclops pedal car and Malvern Star bicycles.

The board game shows a stadium in the foreground and the clock tower on the Sydney Showgrounds to the left. The stadium represented maybe the Hill/ “Bob” stand or the Sheridan Stand. It was called the Bob stand as that was the price of admission during the depression. (One shilling)

The issue consisted of both gummed and self-adhesive stamps.

The gummed issue was printed together se-tenant in horizontal strips of five stamps in sheets of 50, 2 issues of 5×5. It was also issued as a Prestige Booklet.

The self-adhesive issue was only printed in booklets of 10 stamps for $5.50. There was both a philatelic and general barcode.