2008 Postmarks

On the 23 April 1996 Australia Post issued its largest ever issue of stamps, booklets, postcards, maximum cards, minisheets and postmarks, to celebrate the centenary of the VFL/AFL. Four postmarks of the sixteen clubs are shown in the banner.

Since 1996 the clubs logos, mascots and caricatures have changed and on the 17 September 2008 four of the clubs, Essendon, Geelong, Melbourne and Richmond changed there postmarks. This was announced in retrospect in the Stamp Bulletin Australia No 295 November to December 2008.

CoversPlease produced a set of four covers.

Because of the previous postmarks being introduced on the AFL Centenary Issue, it seemed appropriate to use the issue’s stamps and covers. It should be noted that the postal rate had increased from 45c to 55c so it was necessary to use two AFL Centenary stamps. On the AFL centenary cover there are a gummed and peel & stick stamp.

As it was only two months after the issue of the 150th Anniversary of the first football match in 1858, again it seemed appropriate to use the issue’s covers with two gummed AFL Centenary stamps.

APM40690 17/9/08 Essendon Football Club Essendon 3040
APM40700 17/9/08 Geelong Football Club Geelong 3220
APM40680 17/9/08 Melbourne Football Club East Melbourne 3002
APM40710 17/9/08 Richmond Football Club Richmond 3121

The APM Number stands for Australian PictorMarks(R) : a graphic history of Australia’s pictorial and commemorative postmarks since 1879 / by Janet S. Eury & Colleen A. Woolley. An increditable reference for Australian PostMarks(R)