2007 Premiership Players Club

The 2007 Premiership Players club induction was held in November 2007. Each player has an individual souvenir sheet. The numbers next to the players name is the no of individual sheets printed. Information is from Craig Chappell, Brisbane Stamp Dealer.

Chris Lambert was an outstanding wingman and back pocket for Essendon. He was always content to take the shortest route, even against heavier opponents. He got off the mark speedily and got rid of the ball quickly, thus covering a slight lack of pace.

He was a reserve in the 1946 premiership team and was on the wing in the 1950 premiership victory. He missed the 1949 premiership team with a hamstring injury.

His career was interrupted by World War II and he missed many games between late 1942 and 1944 when he was posted to Darwin in the Air Force. He represented the RAAF in inter-services matches.

He played the 1939-1942, 1944-1951 seasons and kicked 137 goals.

Harold Lambert was one of Essendon’s greatest players and was selected at No. 25 in the Champions of Essendon (2002). He was a superb centreman before World War II, but later went to the half-back flank where he continued to dominate after the War.

Lambert served with the Army in New Guinea, Bougainville and Rabaul from 1942 to 1945 and played no football in this period. This service cost him the chance to become a 100 game player.
He played 21 games in finals from a total of 99.

He starred on the half-back flank in the 1946 premiership win and then played a great game in the centre in the 1949 victory. He was on the half-back flank again in the 1950 premiership win.

Together the brothers played together 52 times. (from Essendon Past Players Profiles.)