2004 Footy Stamps

The  2004 Issue were a departure from the previous years as the P stamps were issued as “Souvenir Booklets” rather than A4 sheets. The booklets were issued in a staggered fashion over four weeks, with 4 clubs a week starting from the 14th April 2004. Each Booklet has 20 stamps for the 10 players. The 10 team players are nominated by the club in the following categories: Captain, Vice-captain(s), Best and fairest 1, 2, 3 (2003), Leading goal kicker (2003), Club-nominated star players and Most promising young player. The Contents consist of Information about featured players (one page per player featured in tabs), Club history page – when founded, premiership wins, Brownlows, etc. Club song, List of players names for 2004 and a Page on the coach.

The price was $10.95.

The Saint Kilda’s Booklet Barcode was originally 176129 the same as the Carlton Booklet. A sticker with the barcode 176228 was issued to correct the mistake.