2000 Brownlow Medalist

The 2000 Brownlow Medal was the 73rd year the award was presented to the player adjudged the fairest and best player during the Australian Football League (AFL) home and away season. Shane Woewodin of the Melbourne Football Club won the medal by polling twenty-four votes during the 2000 AFL season.

The Essendon Football Club set a record for the highest number of votes
collected as a team, with 116 out of a possible 132 votes. The club polled at
least one vote in every game, including all six votes in 14 games.

This was a controversial winner as many pundits felt that Scott West should
have won having a significantly superior statistical year. Four other men who trailed Woewodin in the count, Andrew McLeod, Anthony Koutafides, Nathan Buckley and Brett Ratten, also were superior passion gatherers.

The Brownlow often has not been won by the favourite.