2000 Sydney Olympics: China Issue

The 27th Olympiad were held in Sydney Australia from September 15 to October 1, 2000. China sent 300 athletes to participate in 170 odd events from 24 programs. Inspired by Olympic Spirit, the Chinese athletes spared no efforts to challenge their limits and won Gold Medals in several Events.

The banner SES shows Chinese Gold Medalists from 1984 to 2000. Each 2000 Gold Medalist received a personalised sheet. It was part of a China Post produced “Post Glory” presentation album. They all used 45c Australian Olympic issue of the Flag, Flame and Parthenon except the men’s gymnastic team with 3 on the 45c and 3 on the $1.50 Olympic Flag, flame and opera house stamp.


China released a prepaid Postcard for each of the Games Programs. The cards below have an image of Stadium Australia on them. Other sports included Aquatics, Archery, Badminton, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Modern Pentatholon, Rowing, Sailing, Softball, Taekwondo, Volleyball and Weight Lifting. They were issued as advertising cards with an advertising stub on the side.


China released a prepaid Postcard for each of the Individual Sports that they won a Gold Medal. The cards below show the ones that have a image of Stadium Australia on them. There were 28 in all.

Gold Medalists

“Under the approval of State Sport General Administration of China, China National Philatelic Corporation entrusted Australia Post to issue a set of Personalized Stamps to commemorate the glorious achievements that the Chinese Athletes had made during the Olympic Games” This is taken from the back of 28 covers with the relevant P stamp, cachet of the relevant Australian Postmark, a cachet of a Chinese postmark and a cachet of Stadium Australia with a stylised figure of the relevant sport.

Summary of China’s Gold Medals with Stadium Australia

The breaking up of the medalists into various sports eg Weightlifting, relate to the Australia Post Cachet, the same as the Australian Postmarks for the Games. The Chinese cachet is more related to the individual sport in which the medal was won.

Souvenir sheet with Stadium Australia in background