2000 Footy Stamps

On 25 May 2000, Australia Post launched ‘Footy Stamps’ on the Nine Network’s Melbourne based AFL Footy Show. This product was created to further develop the Personalised Stamps’ concept and capture the Australian love of sport, particularly AFL football.

All sheets are made up of 20 stamps and there are two types of sheets available.

  • ‘Club Sheets’
  • ‘Star Player Sheets’

The recommended retail price for either Club Sheets or Star Player Sheets $24.95. (To buy the whole issue requires an outlay of $2,345.30.)

Club Sheets feature club colours and action shots in the selvage. Twenty different team member portraits are printed in the tab area (one portrait per stamp tab).

Star Player Sheets feature club colours and mascots in the selvage and 20 identical portraits of the selected team member.

Footy Stamps are sold exclusively through AFL clubs. Contact your AFL club for ordering information.

Australian Stamp Bulletin No 256 August – September 2000.

For unknown reason the Melbourne Football Club only issued p stamps for 3 rather than 5 players.

Commemorative Covers of the Team members, the Captains and a Superstar series were produced by First Class Collectables.

Technical details

P stamps or Personalised stamps were unveiled by Australia Post as a world first at the Australia 99 World Stamp Exhibition. Since then Australia Post had very successful issues with the Olympics and Para-Olympics. This was the first and only time that products were sold through the clubs, usually they were only sold through post offices.

The 2000 issue and both Premiership Players Club sheets issued were printed by Excel Digital using a Xerox Laser Printer. The A4 sheet of stamps was printed separately to the players photos in the tabs and the surrounds. These were then added with the laser printer. The issues come with a seperate sheet with the tabs only on inferior non gummed paper.