2000 Premiership Players Club

P stamps or Personalised stamps were unveiled by Australia Post as a world first at the Australia 99 World Stamp Exhibition. The Premiership Players Club began issuing sets of P Stamps with pictures of Premiership Players in the selvedge, as a means of Fund Raising.

The initial sheet included 20×2000 Celebration stamps with background of old Victoria Park Grandstands and number of sheet in surrounds of A4 sheet with envelope printed with old Grandstands.

The 2000 issue of the Premiership Players Club, was printed by Excel Digital using a Xerox Laser Printer. The A4 of stamps was printed separately to the players photos in the tabs and the surrounds. These were then added with the laser printer. The issues come with a seperate sheet with the tabs only on inferior paper.

FDCs of the individual stamps and of the A4 sheets have been produced by First Class Collectables.