1998 Premiers: The Crows

1998 saw the Crows win their second and back to back  Premierships. They defeated the more fancied North Melbourne despite the fact that the Kangaroos dominated the first half with 21 scoring shots to 7 but failed to put the Crows away due to inaccurate kicking. The Crows dominated the second half to win by 35 points Australia Post released a special postmark (APM31360) and overprinted “Aboriginal Art” PSE to commemorate the historic win. 20,000 were cancelled. The Cover is shown in the banner.

Two private covers (50 sets) were also released to commemorate the win.

Two 1996 AFL Centenay covers overprinted with all the Premiership Winners since 1897 were later overprinted with the Crow’s 1998 Premiership Details. (The covers are in conjunction with 1997 Premiership details).

The Norm Smith Medallist for best on the Ground again went to aboriginal player Andrew Mcleod. His win was commemorated by one private cover with the Adelaide Premiership PM ( APM31360 ) (50 produced)

The Adelaide Best and Fairest went to Mark Ricciuto. His win was commemorated by one private covers with the Adelaide Premiership PM (APM31360 ) (50 produced)

APM31361 was used on a set of five different covers including ‘Centenary of the AFL’ official Australia Post FDC. (From Australian Pictormarks.)