1997 Premiers: The Crows

1997 saw the Crows win their first Premiership after only seven seasons in the AFL. They defeated the more fancied St Kilda who wilted under the pressure of carrying the hopes of all Victoria. It was the third time in five seasons that the AFL Premiership Cup headed west with the Eagles having won in 1993 and 1995. The final scores were Adelaide 19.11.125 to St Kilda 13.16.94. Australia Post released a special postmark (APM30370) and overprinted “Aboriginal Art” PPE to commemorate the historic win. 50,000 were cancelled and it is illustrated in the banner..

Two private covers (50 sets) were also released to commemorate the win.

Two 1996 AFL Centenary covers overprinted with all the Premiership Winners since 1897 were later overprinted with the Crow’s 1997 Premiership Details.

The Norm Smith Medallist for best on the Ground went to aboriginal player Andrew Mcleod. He also won the club championship. His win was commemorated by two private covers, one with the Adelaide Premiership PM (APM30370) (50 produced) and the other with the MCG Commemorative PM (APM23600) (50 produced).

Three covers for “Premiership Heroes” Andrew McLeod, Darren Jarman and Mark Bickley were also released.

Six Bird PSEs postmarked with the Premiership postmark were released with cachets showing the Cup Presentation, Norm Smith Medalist, Andrew McLeod, Tony Modra, Shaun Rehn, Darren Jarman and Matthew Robran.