1997 Australian Legends: Sir Donald Bradman

On the 23 January 1997 The initial series of Australian Legend Stamps was issued. It not surprisingly honoured Sir Donald Bradman. The two stamps showed a portrait of Bradman as a young man and a se-tenant stamp based on his record Innings of 452* in 1930 at the SCG for NSW against Queensland.

The issue consisted of a PNC shown as the banner above with him demonstrating batting in the 1948 tour of England. Australia Post’s Celebration of 25 yrs of PNCs, as part of 2019 Impressions issues, included the image of the Bradman PNC (Banner) in the insert.

The stamps were issued in sheetlets of 10 in se-tenant formation. The front of the stamp pack showed Bradman walking out to play for the last time at the SCG in February 1949. The back shows him walking off after his last innings.

The FDC showed him going out to bat on the first day of the third test at Leads in July 1930. It shows five different postmarks on the FDI. The MCG and Gabba postmarks were Permanent Pictorial postmarks.

The fourth test between Australia and the West Indies for the Sir Frank Worrell Trophy commenced on the 25th January. There was a postmark issued for each day. Note that the word “Legend” is below Bradman’s name and the heading is “Fourth Test – Adelaide Oval.” (APM29780 and APM29790 above) Australia won by an innings and 183 runs.

The cover is postmarked with the FDI Postmark and the five days of the test postmarks.

Two Maximum Cards and two Postcards

Most of the covers had both stamps as se-tenant. The ANDA Stamp Show of 21st March 1997 had only a single stamp per cover.

Australia Post also produced a book to celebrate the issue. The cover shows Bradman walking through the SCG gates for his last innings.