1996 Pets

On the first of October 1996, as part of the Stamp Collecting Month, Australia Post issued a set of gummed stamps, a miniature sheet and a set of self adhesive stamps showing several popular pets.

The ginger kittens on the far right of the cover of the stamp pack found a good object to play with, a nice “cherry”, as an Australian Football is known.

The bottom of the garden is a good place for old footballs and even some old footballers or supporters to live out the rest of their days dreaming of things that might have been.

Gummed Stamps

The ginger kittens and the blue heelers were printed together setenant either horizontally or vertically. In the minature sheet the kittens are next to the stamp of the puppy and another kitten. These two stamps also make up the issue for the Booklet and stamp roll self Adhesive Stamps

The miniature Sheet was overprinted for several stamp shows both within Australia and in the Asian Region.

There was also a set of 6 postcards and maximum card.

Self Adhesive Stamps

Australia Post also released self Adhesive Stamps as a booklet of 10 and a roll of one hundred. The stamps were the ginger kittens and the blue heelers .