1996 Centenary of Modern Oympics

Australia released three stamps to commemorate the Centenary of the Modern Olympics on 6 June 1996. Two 45c se-tenant stamps showed Edwin Flack and Fanny Durack. Flack was Australia’s only representative at the 1896 games, and our first Olympic champion winning gold in the 800 metres and the 1500 metres running events. He also participated in the tennis and marathon. Fanny Durack was the first Australian woman to win a Gold medal in freestyle swimming. The $1.05 design shows a wheelchair racer in the paralympics.

The issue consisted of a FDC of the three stamps, three maximum cards and a stamp pack. The maximum card for Edwin Flack showed an image of Betty Cuthbert winning Gold at the 1956 Olympics at the MCG. The same image was portrayed on the Stamp Pack.

The Banner shows a Publicity Card dated the 19 July 1996, the first day of the Atlanta Olymphilex. It was an insert in the cover with the Gold Overprint and APM29190. Olymphilex has a long tradition. It was held for the first time in 1985 in Lausanne. The first Olymphilex to be held during the Olympic Games was in Seoul in 1988. The first Olymphilex show to feature Olympic pins was held during the Olympic Games in Barcelona in 1992. Atlanta was the first Olymphilex to include displays of Olympic coins and Olympic memorabilia. The card shows Betty Cuthbert winning Gold at the 1956 Olympics at the MCG.

Other relevant permanent pictorial postmarks were also applied to this cover.

The cover was also used with the olympic frama at the Queensland Stamp and Coin Expo with a postmark for each day of the show. This is the only cliche design that featured an Olympic theme. The Festive Frama paper design takes three consecutive stamps to cover the full design. ‘Olympics 96’ was chosen as a cliche due to the timing of the expo being close to the release of the Atlanta 1996 stamps.