1991 Adelaide Crows inaugural Season

The Adelaide Crows Football Club was established in 1990 after a failed attempt by Port Adelaide to join the AFL. It was a composite club under the control of the SANFL.

It had immediate financial success having no difficulty in selling out its home ground, Football Park, with membership tickets. The AFL had to restrict the ticket sales so as some opposition supporters could attend the home games.

There first game was a practice match against Geelong at Football Park on the 13 February 1991. As an indication of what was to come the Crows won by 77 points. It was commemorated by an overprinted Postage Prepaid Envelope (PPE). A PPE differs from a PSE (Pre-Stamped Envelope) in that it has no value on the stamp area. They are valid for use without additional postage even if the postal rate changes in the future.

Above is printed the original PPE. It was modified in 1997 with improved graphics. It is shown in the banner.