1982 VFL & WAFL Premiers

Victorian Stamp Dealer, Frankston Stamps, released a set of covers in its own album, to celebrate the VFL and WAFL Final series.

The set consisted of one Cover with VFL Logo and logos of each club, 12 covers with the logos of each VFL club and their Premiership wins, 1 Carlton cover overprinted with “Premiers 1982” each with VFL Grand Final Postmark (APM12220) and a 27c Commonwealth Games Stamp.

The replay of the Grand Final was a demonstration Game for the 1982 Brisbane Commonwealth Games.

Also included was a cover for the West Australian Grand Final . The cover showed the logos of the WAFL and teams involved. The stamp showed the Historic York Post Office and the WAFL Premiers Postmark (APM12110).

The 27c Victorian Pink Heath PSE (Victoria’a Floral emblem) was used as a cover for the VFL Grand Final Postmark.

“An add-on is a cachet design added to a cover which was originally uncacheted. An add-on cachet should be identified by maker and date so that it is clear that it is not contemporary with the cover. Unfortunately, many add-ons are not so identified.” (American First Day Cover Society)

The 27c Kangaroo Paw PSE (WA’s Floral emblem) was used as a cover for the WAFL Grand Final Postmark.

The below cover has the 1974 Australian Football stamp, Non Olympic Issue. It is postmarked with the VFL Grand Final Postmark and the 125th Anniversary Postmark.

The Frankston Stamp covers were also often used with the 125th Anniversary Postmark in 1983. (APM13630)