1980 VFL stars of the Seventies and Eighties

On the 30 April 1980 Australia Post issued a definitive set of pre-stamped envelopes (PSEs) depicting native animals. The animals depicted were the Hopping Mouse, Numbat, Grey Kangaroo, Brushtail Possum, sugar glider, Koala and Frilled Lizard.

Apart from 3 envelopes the postmark was dated on the First Day of Issue, 30 April 1980. They were postmarked at a variety of widely spread Post Offices including in Queensland, NSW, Victoria and Western Australia.

Various Teams (PM 30/04/1980)

Carlton (PM 30/04/1980)

St Kilda (PM 19/05/1982)

Several of the envelopes were sized DL.

The bottom three envelopes were postmarked at the National Philatelic Exhibition, Sydpex, at the Town Hall in Sydney on the 1 October 1980.

The cachets were most probably “add-ons” as some of the players eg Michael McLean and Dermott Brereton had not even commenced playing in 1980.

Another cover showing Geoff Blethyn and a set of non postmarked North Melbourne Covers has been sighted on ebay.