1961 Principality of Thomond

Thomond was a kingdom of Gaelic Ireland, associated geographically with present-day County Clare and County Limerick, as well as parts of County Tipperary around Nenagh and its hinterland. It existed from the collapse of the Kingdom of Munster in the 12th century as competition between the Ó Briain and the Mac Cárthaigh led to the schism between Thomond (North Munster) and Desmond (South Munster). It continued to exist outside of the Anglo-Norman controlled Lordship of Ireland until the 16th century.

During the mid-20th century a certain Raymond Moulton Seághan O’Brien appeared and claimed to be “Colonel His Highness Raymond Moulton Seághan O’Brien, Prince of Thomond, Earl and Count of Thomond, Count of Pogla of Clare Castle, Principality of Thomond”.

He issued a set of 12 postage stamps that appeared in 1961. They were denominated from ½p (pinsin) up to 2/6, and depicted various topics – flowers, horses, football, birds, aircraft. These stamps also received various overprints between 1961 and 1973, for a variety of subjects.

They were initially issued as a set of Souvenir Sheets for ordinary or airpost on the 15th September 1961.

The overprints included 1961 Europa, 1963 JFK Memorium, 1965 Winston Churchill Memorium, 1966 World Cup Winners, 1967 Sir Francis Cichester (Gypsy Moth), 1968 Europa, 1968 Rockets towards peace, 1969 Investure Prince of Wales and 1972 Royal Silver Wedding.