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1883 Tasmania QV 1d Carmine Rose “De La Rue” Sideface Indicium

Although Federation occurred on 1st January 1901 the states continued producing their own postal cards. Attempts were made to centralise printing in Melbourne although this was initially given only lip service.

Below is a 1d Queen Victoria Post Card used for mail from Westbury to Launceston postmarked on the 23rd June 1903. It requests a football game to be arranged as an exhibition match.

The Launceston Football Club was established in 1875, making it Tasmania’s oldest Football Club. Based at Windsor Park, Riverside, the Launceston Football Club is one of Tasmania’s most successful and decorated clubs. The Blues currently play in the Tasmanian State League.

The Westbury FC no longer exists. The club was formed in 1893 and disbanded in 1998. They have been reincarnated as the Meander Valley Suns who compete in the Northern Tasmanian Football Association and represent the Hagley and Westbury communities. The Suns commenced in Division Two of the NTFA in 2014.

South Australian

This South Australian Card had a reply card attached which could be torn off along the perforations as shown.

The card is dated 6th June 1889.

The Old Adelaide Football Club was an Australian rules football club based in Adelaide. Founded on 26 April 1860, it was the first football club formed in South Australia. The club played interclub football in South Australia until 1872, when it had disputes with Kensington and Port Adelaide over the rules, but club resumed interclub matches in 1875. In 1876, the Adelaide clubs rules were adopted by all the South Australian clubs, and in 1877, the club helped form the South Australian Football Association (SAFA) and participated in the competition from 1877–81 and 1885–93. The club dropped out of the SAFA and was dissolved at the end of the 1893 season.

Post Office Postal Cards (Printed to Private Order)

Postal Cards were a convenient way to forward information of a repetitive or limited nature. The cards could be printed to a set design. The WAFL obviously found this a convenient way to notify umpires of their next game that they were to officiate at as the cards were used at least from 1923 to 1936. The increased frequency of mail deliveries made this a convenient method. The postmark date, when known, appears to be only 1 day prior to the game.

West Australian Football League Umpires Notice.

1923 “ONE/PENNY” 1½d Brown King George V sideface with no line footnote (unknown year)

1924-25 1d Green King George V sideface with single line footnote dated 5th August and 1st October (unknown year)

1930-37 1½d Red-Brown King George V sideface with double line footnote (1936)

Post Office Postal Cards

“Footballers Competition”

1925-1930 1d Green King George V sideface with double line footnote (1929)